Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lawyer Visits {Pawn Shop Stop}

My husband Tim and my brother (our lawyer) Peter exchange goods for services at our pawn shop. 
In order to get my little brother to drive north for a visit, we required his legal assistance for a matter plaguing one of our pawn shops.  We tried all the usual avenues for enticing him and his family to drive the full two and a half hours up Interstate 5 to see us, but none brought us a victory like needing his legal help.  Now we know the secret to getting a piece of "Uncle Pie" as we lovingly call my little brother Peter John. 

 A little glimpse into Tim's work life
Visiting our pawn shop(s) is never dull.  On this occasion, we were showing my brother Peter one of our "new" locations (been doing business there for 3 years now, but hey, it's new to him).  While there, we found the perfect 'payment' for his legal services.  Peter so generously donates his time and talent for our benefit, and it's a pleasure to be able to find a tangible way to show him our appreciation.  Peter drove home with 250+ pounds of weight lifting equipment, bars, plates and accessories to make it happen.  He had a bench at home, and just needed the hardware to seal the deal.  Probably hoping his boys will beat our boys at arm wrestling

Did I mention we opened a new music shop?  With lesson rooms in the back?  Here's proof. 

'Luke' and 'Leia' in the (constant) act of climbing

Our former foster twins spent the weekend with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.  They have mastered the art of climbing, and found every occasion to stretch their vertical limits.  Leia took a few steps, but still defaults to crawling and begging to be held.  Luke runs, and says "car" every three seconds.   Their mom needs help with occasional babysitting, so we are blessed to be included on her list of helpful and willing twin-sitters. We do miss them dearly.

Joseph made a 'gold' time in the 50 free at his swim meet Saturday.  This means... he swam fast.  His teammates had a sharpie war on deck, and Joseph's back was decorated to look like abs (as in abdominal muscles).  Beats having a pig on his belly, like one of his (very thin) friends; or a handle-bar mustache on his face, like one of his (goofy) teammates.  Who says swim meets aren't entertaining? 

Goofy hat (Chris) with wild hair (Zac)

Zachary's psyche sheet is posted and he's heading into his final 2 weeks of varsity swimming.  Although I am excited to cheer for him at the district meet and (hopefully, if he qualifies) the state meet, I am most eagerly anticipating the return of my clean-cut son after the big shave later this week.  We are hosting his pre-district team dinner this week at Grandma Billie & Grandpa Cliff's place, which is much bigger and more awesome for entertaining than our humble abode.   The menu calls for tons of pasta and a several baskets of bread.  Nothing like a good carb-loading fest to kick off the post-season competitions.


When given the choice today between the Knights' big screen Super Bowl party or a quiet afternoon at home followed by evening Mass on campus with a friend (who missed our morning Mass with a sick kid), which do you think I chose?  Not a bad way to begin the week!  May your week be blessed.  Thanks for stopping by.

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I love that first shot!

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