Friday, February 17, 2012

Breaking News {College Admission}

When a fat envelope arrived in today's mail for Zachary from Thomas More College in New Hampshire, we decided to bring it to him down at the AA state swim meet where he is team captain and an alternate swimmer for a relay.  After the prelims tonight we met up with him in the lobby of the King County Aquatics Center for an envelope opening party.

Although I had a nightmare last night that he was denied admission, the contents of  the envelope proved otherwise.  The congratulations letter announced not only his admission to Thomas More College, but also offered him a presidential scholarship to offset the private school tuition.  A T-shirt was also included, and Zachary was very pleased indeed with the mail call.

Of course there may be additional admission letters coming to our mailbox soon.  And who knows, maybe other offers of scholarships and awards?  At any rate, this one is the first, and is an incredible gift for our home school senior on a big weekend, now with even more reasons to celebrate.

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Crystal said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Doing a happy dance for you all.