Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eagle Scouts {Life to Eagle}

Now & Then
Ryan, Zac and T; Boy Scouts, Patrol Mates, goofy teens

T, Ryan and Zachary planting trees at BSA Camp Easton, Idaho; summer 2006

Two of Zachary's long-time home school Scouting friends and Eagle Scouts Ryan and T, are now adults; officially 'aged-out' of Boy Scouts.  As a result, Zachary's Kentucky Fried Dragon Patrol lives on with three active members.  Of the few Scouts remaining in his patrol, Zachary is the eldest, the senior member.  Strange. How time does fly!

Many months have passed since Zachary's Eagle project was approved by the local Eagle review board.
The site survey seems like ages ago, as does the publicity blitz for his successful movie night fundraiser.
GREAT NEWS: the building permit for the rectory carport has been issued!  After months of persevering with the permitting and required design modifications, and patience both on his part and on the part of the adults mentoring him, Zachary can move forward and set a date for his Eagle project!

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