Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bathroom Blues {Toilet Mishap}

Tim releases the trapped water from above, draining directly into the sink below!

Of all the unfortunate things to discover on a Sunday afternoon, a leaking toilet might be one of the worst.   Our discovery began by following a bubble and a bulge in the downstairs bathroom ceiling, which when punctured, streamed stinky (but clear) water right into the sink.  Further demolition of the injured ceiling revealed the source of the water damage, a slow, steady drip from the toilet upstairs.

Tim coaches Joseph on toilet removal.
Installed by our loving friend as a gift while we were in Italy, the brand new floor in the upstairs bathroom was unfortunately ruined as well.   It's now been torn to shreds and discarded, along with the spongy sub-floor which had soaked up all the... discharge that seeped from the countless flushings of the toilet since the leak was sprung who-knows-how-long ago.

With a crow bar, Joseph helps remove the soggy sub-floor.

With several willing helpers to share the disgusting jobs, Tim orchestrated a quick and efficient demolition effort.  Grandpa Cliff came over to offer his support and advice on a plan for moving forward, as well as bringing a few needed supplies for the project.  Zachary fetched dinner (hot & ready) and made the daily milk run.  With all the help, phase one (removal of faulty and filthy) is complete.  Phase two (drying the soggy parts) has begun.

Oh the joys of home ownership!


Buhler family said...

Oh, what an awful surprise! good thing you have a bunch of handy man around.

Crystal in Lynden said...

Life is messy sometimes. I always admire your cheerful approach to all things. Your blog inspires me.

Evon Brow said...

I agree; a toilet leak is the worst thing you can discover in to your house. And it’s a wise move to solve it immediately before it led to flooding in your plumbing. How long did it take you to finish removing and replacing everything? I hope there weren't any plumbing-related problems of this magnitude since then!

Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing