Friday, July 2, 2010

Eagle Project Approved

Here we are, all in uniform together at a recent pack meeting for Peter.
Departing for summer camp 2010... on the way to meet the troop & load the trailer.

Great news!
Zachary's Eagle Project has finally passed district Eagle Board approval!
It took a few tries, and a huge "all nighter" edit, but it's approved!
He will be meeting with the architect again the week after summer camp to go over the plans 
and submit the building approval to the city.
Fundraising efforts will begin in earnest.
Final bids will be taken, work party dates will be set...
It's really happening, the rectory shall have a carport before.... well before too long we hope!

Zachary has shown such perseverance in this project.  Although the troop parent committee approved the project with flying colors, the first round at the district level brought rejection (after more than a month of waiting!).  It was initially found too difficult for him to carry out.  After an hour long conference he convinced the powers that be that this project was manageable and that he would truly be the leader in the process.  Many of his service hours to date were rejected, but he will have no problem accumulating the minimum number of hours.  No problem whatsoever!

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