Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On Being Prepared {Zac Report}

Here's our Life Scout for you... ready with his pocket knife (at Church).

Zac's first year of school ended today, doesn't he look happy?  Or does he look like a young man in need of a hair cut?  A Zac quote summing up this academic year at community college in the Running Start program:
"It was."  (With a 'shout out' to his music teacher, who was awesome; and a warning to avoid his philosophy teacher.)

On Zac's to-do list now:
  • clean his room
  • pack for camping & river rafting trip
  • prepare for hosting gaming tomorrow night
  • final planning for his Eagle project; order supplies, set up work parties, organize details
  • ongoing daily training with local swim team to prepare for his senior year of varsity swimming
  • camp, canoe, cook, hike, hammock and enjoy the outdoors
  • work part time at the shop on eBay sales
As for me, I'm delighted to have him around a bit more like the old days.  Today he joined us for daily Mass; such a joy to have him.  At almost 17 years old, he's still cherish-able!

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