Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Scout is Brave

Zachary announces his Eagle Project Fundraiser at church.

Zac counts the money...

Zachary's Eagle Project fundraiser is in full swing.
He made announcements at 6 Masses, and
Joseph made the announcement for Zachary when two Masses overlapped.
Joseph, Peter, and a bunch of helpful Scouts collected donations & sold movie night tickets after all the Masses for two weekends.
Of note:
Zachary gave the announcement in Spanish!
He's never spoken Spanish, but his Latin studies helped him.  Our friend, Wyatt, provided the translation of the announcement for Zachary to read at the Hispanic Mass.
These are brave young men, speaking for crowds, collecting for the cause.

On another note:
I invite you to join me as I pray a Novena In Honor Of 

Saint John Marie Vianney, which starts today and ends on the Feast of Saint John Vianney, August 4th, which is Zachary's 16th birthday!

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