Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Years Ago This Week

Flashback Friday: June 2006
The very first meeting of Joseph's Tiger Den, in our back yard, 2006.

Peter learns to ride with 2 wheels, with assistance from Zachary.

Peter celebrating his 2 wheel accomplishment.

Peter singing screaming in the rain.

Joseph and Collin in the strawberry field.

Zachary, Joseph, Bridget and Peter at a friend's civil wedding ceremony.

Two cars are loaded with gear and we're off on a big adventure in the Cascade Foothills with Boy Scouts and families.  Hiking, camping, cooking, river rafting, and a 5PM Mass Saturday night are on the schedule.  The weather forecast looks promising, and the boys are very excited to head out.

Peter's preparations for 1st Class Cooking have consumed many hours and much brain power this week.  He's planned a menu for his 5-man cooking patrol for breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday.  He organized his camp kitchen, shopped for the groceries, figured the cost of each person's food portions, and packed everything for travel.  He insisted on homemade rhubarb jam for the lunches Saturday, and made it himself with rhubarb picked from our garden.

Bragging about how haphazardly he packed, Joseph is like a puppy waiting for his walk!  He's sleeping in a one man cot-tent Tim brought home from the shop.  He's wearing hand-me-down hiking boots (found at the last minute in the garage, saving us a last minute trip to REI).

Over-the-top menu items like grilled steak and chocolate-raspberry cast iron cake are on Zac's packing list.  No tent, just a bag and pad to sleep out under the stars with the older Scouts.  We've missed having him on this annual camp out for the past few years due to it's usual conflict with our diocesan priestly ordination Mass.  Since ordination was last weekend (which we all attended together), Zac's back in action on the camping roster.

Camping time!

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Crystal in Lynden said...

SO precious!
Your flash back pictures help me keep my head on straight as I raise my 3 boys. This is the summer our youngest will be trying out the little bike without training wheels. These mile stones fly by so fast. Thank you for sharing.