Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spectacular Saturday {Titlow Park & Pool}

Zac and his brothers and cousins, poolside at Titlow Park

Zac stretches out in the 200M butterfly

Decidely a day to enjoy outdoors, our first summer Saturday spent at Titlow Park with family and friends kicked off summer with style. Zachary's swim meet at Titlow's outdoor pool brought us close to our family and friends in Tacoma who joined us for picnic and playtime at the park. At our home away from home, we gathered to share a meal and visit in a shady gazebo; a few steps from the swim meet, surrounded by grassy fields, with views of the Puget Sound beyond the train tracks, right next to a playground.
Grandpa Pete with grandkids MacKenzie, Peter, Brendan, Jacob and Joseph

Days like this are to be cherished, even with the awkward moments like my enthusiastic greeting to Jacob with, "Hi Brandan!" How Jacob has grown! Now nearly as big as his big brother, Brendan, he caught me off guard. Nevermind the fact that I had already greeted Brendan. Jacob looked at me with a surprised, curious grin and vehemently declared, "I'm not Brendan!"
Cousin time at Titlow Park, Tacoma, WA

 Under the shade of a gazebo at Titlow Park, Grandma Patty, Niko and Mike enjoy memories of Christmas Eve.
  • Trooper of the day award goes to Aunt Michelle, who came to join  us at the park despite the fact that she's on crutches following knee surgery.  With very limited parking, Titlow is not exactly crutch friendly, but Aunt Michelle trekked down to be with us for the day.  
  • Biggest loss of the day goes to Uncle Peter's iphone, which splashed into his coffee mug as he pulled up to park at Titlow.  Not the first time this phone's taken a swim, we do hope it will make a full i-recovery.
  • Best swimmer of the day goes to Zachary, who was also the only swimmer.
  • Best dressed for the day goes to brothers Niko (17) and Mike (almost 16), who have a real sense of style (even if long sleeves seemed odd on such a warm, sunny day).
Climbing trees, throwing the football, chasing the soccer ball, wrestling on the grass, relaxing in the sun,watching trains and cheering for Zachary made for a wonderful Saturday at the park.  Our day at Titlow Park will long be remembered as a highlight of our 2011 summer.  And we have the pictures to prove it!

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It was a much fun together time. God bless our family! Papa