Thursday, December 9, 2010

Small Change {Big Expense}

Today Joseph paid for his season's pass for skiing.
Joseph filled out all the boxes and bubbles, and signed on the dotted line...

and forked over $200 of his own money...

which was then carefully counted by a clerk who would have preferred that Joseph show photo ID to prove he was really 12 and not 13 (there's a price jump at age 13).

Skiing is a favorite family recreation in the winter, and it's snowing like crazy on Mt. Baker right now! It's time to hit the slopes!

This is Peter's "5th graders ski free" year, and if it's a great snow year, it'll be the first "free year" that wasn't a complete washout for us.  Both Joseph's and Zachary's "free years" were abysmal snow years.  2010-11 looks to break that trend!

For many years, our boys have saved up the profits from their fire starter business to purchase their own ski passes.  With the sport being so expensive, we figured one of the best way to teach them how to ski would include teaching them the real costs involved and help them find a way to earn the money.

They'll soon be up on the mountain on a winter camp-out (lodge stay) with Scouts.  Skiing on Saturday, sledding on Sunday, (and home in time for Mass on Sunday evening).  Should be an awesome event.

Listen kids~ hard work pays off!

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