Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meeting {Archbishop J Peter Sartain}

After the Mass of Installation, we were all invited to the gym at O'Dea High School for a reception welcoming our new Archbishop.
December 1, 2010
Archbishop Sartain with our family
Bishop Joseph Tyson with the boys

The gym was transformed into an elegant and festive environment in which we ate, visited with friends and waited in a long line to meet Archbishop Sartain.  

When we were near the front of the line, we decided that we would ask the archbishop to bless our rosaries.  Some were in pockets, but others were in the car. 
Peter asked for the keys to go and retrieve them.
Being in downtown Seattle, Tim required that the boys all go out to the parking lot together, which they did.  We told them to hurry, since we were nearly at the front of the line.

Archbishop Sartain, despite the fact that he had been standing in the same spot greeting the faithful for over two hours, welcomed us and took time to get to know a little bit about our family.

He blessed our rosaries and posed with us for a group photo to mark the special occasion (thanks Father Scott for being our photographer).

As we began to collect our things to head to the car, we couldn't find......

the car keys!

That's right, the keys had gone missing after the boys' trip to the car.
Our departure time was delayed, but our extra hour at the reception was very pleasant.

The caterers and decorators were busy taking down the tables and decorations, while we sat in a circle visiting with Father Qui Thac (who waited, along with Father Scott to be sure we didn't need a ride home to Bellingham to get a spare set of keys), Zac's friend Louis and his friend Jeff (both in Seminary).

Thanks to AAA...
the lock was hacked, and the key was found, in the car, safe and sound.

Of interest:
As we were waiting in a slow-moving line to get into the O'Dea gym for the reception,
 Joseph had asked, "Mom, are we going to be the last people to leave?  Like when they're taking everything down and asking us, 'are you leaving yet?'"
To this I had replied, "Yes, Joseph, we will be the very last people to leave the reception!"

How did I know??


Anonymous said...

Very good happening for you all...God bless ! Papa

Renee B. said...

What a blessing for your family and in turn, for us in B'ham. You bring with you the graces received. Can't wait to visit with you and here everything!