Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve {Flashback Friday}

"My little Jesus, 
tonight You will humble Yourself and become human for my sake, 
for all of us, 
and bear on You all the sin and suffering of this world 
so that we may have forever life! 
What greater love is to be found?" ~St. Therese

Joseph, Peter and Zachary visit the Nativity Scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Christmas Day.

from the USCCB

Today our family will celebrate Christmas Eve with a whole crowd of cousins, ranging in age from 17 to 5 months, and with my grandma, who is 93!   We were up early baking oatmeal carmelitas, and organizing a few last minute details in preparation for what will be a 3-day celebration of Jesus' birth. 

At the midnight Christmas Mass, Joseph and Peter will be singing a prelude (their first time at Church), and Zachary and Joseph are servers.  Tomorrow morning, we will attend the 11AM Christmas Morning Mass, (by the boys' request we're attending two Christmas Masses) and all three boys will be serving.  Sunday my dad will join us for Mass, and spend the day with us.  

We wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas and pray that you will draw nearer to Jesus each day in the coming New Year!

For anyone who is returning to the Church at Christmas, here's a great site to visit:  Also a great site for anyone who wants to simply learn more about the Catholic Church.  

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