Thursday, December 23, 2010

Charlie's Shame {Pizza Box Gluttony}

Someone had a little too much fun at Tim's birthday party yesterday...
Charlie will eat absolutely anything, so why not a cardboard box with greasy pizza stains?
We dubbed his costume the new "cone of shame."
Yes, we are reporting Charlie to his vet today, and hope that treatment will be forthcoming.
At least pizza boxes don't require surgical removal (like the corn cobs Charlie chowed down a few years ago that had to be surgically removed by our uncle-brother vet, Craig).

We brought home Hot & Ready pizzas for lunch after celebrating Mass together yesterday (and confession).  Tim took the day off so we could spoil him.  We hosted a lasagna dinner topped off with lemon meringue pie to celebrate with Tim's parents.
We wondered why Ezra didn't come up to join in the dessert festivities, and when we went to check on him, we found him "reading" on his bed.  Must have been a very good book!

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