Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Precious Newborn {Baby Girl}

Last night, our Goddaughter, Hope, became a big sister!

Upon awakening, Peter made a card for the family, and gave baby girl (yet unnamed) her first rosary, plus $2.

Tim and Hannah read Peter's greeting.

Peter holds the new baby, while her big sisters Hannah and Hope, and mom, Nicole, look on.

Such joy!
Such perfection!
Praise God for the gift of another new life!

Nicole invited me to be present at this home birth, which was quite a gift.  My official title was videographer; Renee was the photographer, and Melissa, the Douala.   Nicole showed amazing strength and recollection during the birth, and using her self-taught hypnosis clearly allowed her to remain perfectly calm during the most painful moments of giving birth.
It looked like Tim would be delivering his daughter unassisted, the labor progressed so rapidly.  The midwife arrived in the nick of time, and Tim was able to 'catch' the baby.  Big sister, Hope, helped cut the cord!

This home birth was an amazing experience, and one I will not soon forget.
My husband, Tim's birthday is today!  May God shower him with blessings on this day and everyday!

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