Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Scout is Adorable

Aren't my Scouts adorable?

Here's a brief look at what they're up to in Scouts:
Joseph earned 5 Eagle required merit badges over the past 4 months, and his Star Rank.
He's currently serving as the troop Chaplain's Aid, leading prayers at meetings.
He's always ready to lead or join in a game of any kind.

Zachary is still progressing (slowly but surely) on his Eagle project.  The process of obtaining a building permit for the carport construction is proving to be a project all by itself!  No date has been set for his project, as it all depends on the permit issuance.
Zachary's current position is patrol leader, but rather than calling 
the weekly meeting reminders, they are texted.
He's been working on Ad Altare Dei for about three years, 
and we have high hopes that he will complete it soon.

Peter is well on his way to completing all of his Arrow of Light requirements.  
He's earned over half of the Webelos badges, and his Webelos rank.  
He's halfway through his Parvuli Dei
He'll cross over to Boy Scouts in February 2011.
He's come up with some interesting names to throw out for his new patrol come February~ most involving terms like flaming, burning, exploding, charred, etc.
Guess we could have seen that coming with his older brothers' patrols named 
Kentucky Fried Dragons and Burning Bullfrogs.
How will Peter's patrol top names like those?

Suggestions welcome!

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