Monday, October 25, 2010

Blessings Upon Marie

Marie-Therese Louise Agnes 
2/18/1924 - 10/22/2010

Our family visits with Marie at her farewell Mass at Sacred Heart 10/09.

Marie with the guys.

A tremendous woman has gone.
May her path to heaven be sure...

Marie receives the sacrament of anointing by Father Qui Thac.

We visited Marie weekly in her home as part of our Church's outreach to home bound parishioners.  We had the joy of bringing Marie the Blessed Sacrament (Jesus) and joining in her prayers as she received Him.  The boys would often participate in the Eucharistic celebration, taking turns reading the Gospel and leading the prayers of the faithful.  Some of their friends were also able to visit Marie with us.  Marie took a special liking to our family, as we fell in love with her.  She suffered greatly with her physical ailments and was embarrassed about her dental situation, but somehow always managed to be extremely welcoming, friendly, and a most gracious host.  
She would always offer the boys a piece of candy, draw their attention to the barge docked in the bay just opposite her condo (a blight with which she had become fascinated), or comment on the coming & going of tug boats.

Marie blessed us with many love letters, sent via email, which were delightful to receive originally, but have been especially touching to re-read after learning of her death.  
It's as if she's speaking to us again...  
Her words are full of encouragement and genuine love, as well as constant promises of prayers and requests for prayers.  What a blessing to have gotten to know Marie so intimately in such a short time during her last years.  Her faith was so strong, and she remained close to our 
Lord and our Blessed Mother until the very end.  
I praise God for the opportunity to have visited her in Spokane a few months ago, and for the gift of being there right when she needed someone to help her bandage a wound. 
May she rest in peace, 
and may we be forever changed by her love.

In Marie's words....

Just a note to say "hello", thank you so much for the photos as well as the note and please know that I SHALL always, forever and ever, keep in touch with all of you. There is no way at this point now that you can rid yourselves of me....I'm with you in spirit and mind forever....always.  I will be so interested in the boys as well and all of their activities, that I will hang on and on.

What a blessing it has been getting to know all of you and how very fortunate for me to have been able to become a part of your lives.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers.....and do know that once I get settled over there, I will start stopping by for little visits, always with the request that you, ALL OF YOU, NOT FORGET ME BUT KEEP ME WITH YOU FOREVER.
God bless, one and all..........


Take care, dear prayers have been and will continue to be with you "round the clock".  As I said, HOW LUCKY AND BLESSED HAVE I BEEN, THANKS TO THE LORD, TO HAVE BEEN GIVEN YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND CARE.  God bless you....look over you continually every moment of every day, and grant you the patience, tolerance, understanding, and love which you will continue to need to help you, your husband and all of your family to continue His wonderful work.
I trust I will remain in the prayers of your entire family, because with that extra special involvement, I know that the Lord and His Blessed Mother will be with me always and help me face whatever He passes along to me.
Love & Prayers, always...... Marie

You will remain in our prayers, Marie, 
as you so often requested (with all caps) 

Marie-Therese Louise Agnes 
2/18/1924 - 10/22/2010


Anonymous said...

She seems like she was (and will be) extra special. Your post almost made me cry, it was very touching.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I had to cancel my blog account, so that last comment was me, Cathy P.