Thursday, October 21, 2010

Double Season: XC

With two high school XC runners in our house, there's double the reasons to cheer at XC meets.
Today Sehome HS swept the NW Conference Championship Meet!
 Zac participated reluctantly in XC his freshman (@ homeschool) year, never having participated in school sports (or school anything, really).  We simply required that he participate in HS sports, for important reasons like serious physical fitness and personal discipline.  
Zac was excited to run his sophomore (@ homeschool) year (2009-2010), 
and Ezra joined the XC team reluctantly last year as a freshman just a few days after he moved in with us.
This year, Zachary had decided not to join XC due to his class schedule at WCC, and Ezra entered his second XC season a bit iffy about his desire to participate.  We have encouraged {required} Ezra to either participate in high school athletics or find a part-time job; 
he's chosen school sports every season so far.

On the way home from the first day of practice this season, Ezra told Zac that the XC coach said "Hi" and that's all it took~ Zac decided to turn out for another season of XC.

Both Zachary and Ezra finished the XC season strong this afternoon at the 1A/2A/3A NW Conference Championships.  Did I mention that their team swept the event?
Fun stuff.

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