Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvesting Creation

How did our gardens grow?
Some great, some not so great.

But the real pleasure in growing a garden around here 
comes not from enjoying fresh food, 
from making weapons.
Peter enjoys his freshly picked corn on the cob with butter.

Our onion harvest.  Can you see the onions?

Pumpkins showed promise with bountiful flowers, but didn't produce. 

Joseph as secret under-cover corn harvester.

Peter harvests the corn.
Carrot collection & backyard corn with stunted pumpkin flower.

Forget about the veggies for eating, 
let's talk about the stalks for gun making!

Just add electrical tape, and a bit of imagination, 
and the corn stalks are transformed into weapons!

Did you know apples make fine weapons/toys, too?
The ones that aren't fit for eating are launched in distance throwing competitions. 
The rest will soon be processed into homemade applesauce and pie.

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