Saturday, October 2, 2010

Freedom to Love

Professed Religious Sister, Ordained Priest, Married (pregnant) Couple:
All are living the call God placed within their hearts, for His glory.

Tim and I (with friends Tim & Nicole, seen above) attended a conference in Vancouver today, 
hosted by Couples for Christ BC.
Christopher West gave a series of talks on "Applying the Theology of the Body to Life & Relationships."

We left with much to ponder, and so very grateful for the 
solid Catholic teaching on human sexuality and relationships.  

A few key ideas we took away from today's talks:
  • The teachings of the Church are not imposed upon us, they actually well up from within us.  
  • The truth about our selves, about our bodies, is written in our hearts by our Creator!
  • Modern dating is not preparation for marriage~ it's preparation for divorce.
  • Christ's love for us is free, total, faithful and fruitful~ our married love should also be free, total, faithful and fruitful.
  • Fertility is an ultimate gift from God to humanity; the enemy hates our fertility (as fertility reveals the gift of God in us). 
  • God respects our freedom to choose Him or to reject Him.
  • The gift of salvation, Jesus, comes to us through a woman, a mother.
  • A husband's love for his wife should mirror Christ's love for His Church.
  • Consecrated and celibate people are signs or reminders for us that the banquet of heaven is real!  "For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage" (Mt 22:30)

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