Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boxing and Bullets {entertaining friends}

How did you think they would spend their free time?

I successfully kept my granddad's boxing gloves hidden in a closet for many years.
But they were recently discovered, and before I knew it, the boys were boxing, and inviting their friends to join in the action.  No one was (seriously) hurt, but given the number of complaints about aches and pains, the boxing rink has been shut down and the boxing gloves have been re-hidden.
I have hidden many items from the boys for similar reasons over the years, from light sabers to wooden swords to baseball bats.
Bullets are not usually present at our dining room table, but the Scouts were participating in shooting sports this month, and Tim was leading the event.  Our eager helpers counted out bags of bullets for the Scouts to purchase at the range on meeting night.
(It was a great break from boxing!)

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