Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Golden Egg
...is what we shall call the first egg layed by our chickens!
The coop continues to take form, with a new roof going on this week. The cost of the building materials and chicken feed has been... surprising! But the joy easily matches the cost and they balance each other out.

Peter is showing his love for nurturing small beings, and takes time to hold the chickens to help tame them for easier handling. He also has a portable "yard" (borrowed from Grandpa Cliff) in which the chickens can roam about on the grass and find more interesting tasty treats.
Today Peter and Joseph harvested bamboo with their pocket knives for use in making the chickens' roosts. But the amount of bamboo they brought home (from a neighbor who wants it gone!) is enough to build a small shelter.
Perhaps they are inspired after seeing photos of their friends' new 'bomb shelter'?
As always, all I can say is, "Stay tuned!"

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