Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In today's scorching heat, we sought refuge on the shores of the Puget Sound, in a shady cove along Chuckanut Drive. We were at the very special place where the boys take fiddle lessons, and when they weren't in their lessons, they took turns down at the waterfront with me. They collected rocks, waded in the cool water, and built little dams to hold back the tide.
It reminded me of the amazing home my family owned on Horsehead Bay from the early '80's to the mid '00's....
Our summer days there were spent swinging off the rope swing into the water, exploring the beaches, water skiing with friends, rowing around the bay and beyond the bend to Kopachuck State Park and Dead Man's Island, tanning out on the docks, swimming across the bay to friends' houses, and jumping off the Raft Island Bridge. Such an amazing place to grow up!
I sure do miss that place...
It was sold and then demolished to make way for another monster mansion with sports courts. Kind of strange to think I will never again get to visit such a treasured spot.

Speaking of treasures, Peter found a collection of rocks on the beach today which he hopes to grind down to sand and then melt in our oven to make glass. He wants to use the glass to make a gift for Zachary's 15th birthday next week.

On the car ride to church after fiddle lessons, Peter suffered heat exhaustion, and vomited (thankfully on the ground after we were parked).
So we're focusing on re-hydrating this afternoon and trying to stay cool.
Our plan is to head to the lake and enjoy a packed supper there in the shade. I did the cooking this morning to avoid having to "slave over a hot stove" in the heat of the day!

Stay hydrated, stay cool!

Warning signs of heat exhaustion include:
heavy sweating
muscle cramps

nausea or vomiting

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