Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Guys at Camp

The older Scouts, Zachary included, are taking High Cope at summer camp.

The course involves complicated climbing moves through the "play pen" to a very high platform, a cat walk along a tight-rope "bridge" to a spider web. Watching it was thrilling, I can only imagine what climbing it must have felt like!

The training was extensive, and the safety features very complicated and tightly controlled.

I heard talk of a "flying squirrel" move, but unfortunately I was in camp with the first year Scouts working on rank advancement and missed it. Thankfully, Tim was able to witness it, and helped as an anchor man (on belay).

Another "older Scout" choice this week was the basketry merit badge. The craft lodge was being run by a friend from our troop who is on staff at the camp. That was certainly part (or all?) of the attraction to the basketry area! On day 1, a neighboring merit badge counsellor had to interrupt basketry class and ask Ethan to please tone it down (they were making too much noise!). That was just in the safety talk! (Yes, in Scouts there is even a safety talk before beginning a craft!)

The older Scouts were also able to serve as Color Guard for a closing flag ceremony one night in camp. They did an outstanding job, and really nailed the "about face" command after much rehearsing.
Yes, they needed a bit of prompting to put down their card game and really get to Scouting a few times during the week. Yes, they were up late, and their tents did have a rather pungent odor after all 5 or 6 of them would spend a few hours inside together hanging out... but these guys really were a great bunch to have along at summer camp.

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