Sunday, July 5, 2009

The birthday girl
Our niece/cousin Violet turned 3 yesterday, and celebrated with all her cousins (5) and siblings (1 born and 1 unborn!), grandparents, aunts & uncles and friends.
The weather was beautiful, allowing for water play with her new animal theme park.
Violet greatly enjoyed spraying anyone who came near (including adults holding cameras!). Sawyer learned first hand how accurate his sister's aim was with the elephant's trunk. He was not pleased, to say the least!

Blowing out her candles, Violet preferred the "through the teeth" method, which makes a nice whistling sound, but does not produce a candle extinguishing force. Mommy (Bethany) was right there to offer assistance.
Violet's Elmo cake was a big hit, and was quite a work of art. Good work, Bethany! She also had a chocolate cake, just to be sure there was enough cake to go around.
Violet loved here new dollhouse and was mesmerized by the different rooms and furniture. Such a sweet little girl... Happy Birthday, Violet!

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