Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Campfires & Camp Food

A few more highlights from day 2 at Boy Scout camp:

Mealtimes have become major events in the lives of our campers. There is a 1 mile walk to & 1 mile walk from the dining hall for each meal, where fun and lively events happen around the fine cuisine which so far has included such favorites as spaghetti, peanut butter & jelly, and corn dogs.

Every meal calls for 2 waiters from each troop, who are transported by boat across the lake to the dining hall where they prepare the tables for the hungry campers. The waiters set the tables, fill the water pitchers and also have the entire clean-up responsibilities.

During the meal, before seconds are "open" the camp staff circle the room singing loud and energetic camp songs to the absolute delight of the Scouts. Topics of these songs include such things as the neighbors' cats and dogs being ground into sausages and things getting thrown out the window, the window, the 2nd story window.
Opening campfire last night was a huge hit with our campers.
Funny skits, outrageous songs, live action run-ons and oh-so-much more. The fire was started/lit at the beginning by the "glare" of the camp commissioner! (Or perhaps by a timed ignitor?)

The sentimental closing song at campfire was sung beautifully by the camp staff, with the campers joining in.
The final verse:

There is something you should know,
Mom and Dad, I love you so!

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