Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cooking over the fire

One of our "pathfinders" projects in camp involved teaching our Scouts to cook over an open fire, with nutritious foods.

On one campout, plan and cook over an open fire one hot breakfast or lunch for yourself, selecting foods from the food pyramid. Explain the importance of good nutrition. Tell how to transport, store, and prepare the foods you selected.

We improvised with items from our troop cooler and easily (cheaply) purchased at the local grocery store. We had asked the camp kitchen to provide the food for a lunch we could cook over the fire and were offered.... HOT DOGS! We decided to pass.

Our menu included eggs (scrambled or fried) with cheese and meat and fruit. We called it "first lunch" since we visited the dining hall for "second lunch" shortly thereafter. Learning how to cook over the flames is challenging, and learning how to clean the pans afterward even more so!

One of Joseph's merit badges, Cinematography, involved writing a script and filming a short feature film. His group chose to teach How to Raise, Lower and Fold the US Flag. They each took responsibility for 1/3 of the film, preparing a full story board and script.

In camp they recruited (roped in) actors to be in their movie, and spent the better part of an afternoon filming.

The 3-person production crew was let by Isaac, one of our older Scouts, who really showed outstanding leadership skills in working with Joseph and David.

It's too bad we did not get a copy of the final product!

Another of Joseph's merit badges, Pioneering , was taught by a good friend of Zac's (from youth group) who is on staff at camp this summer. Matt did an excellent job of teaching Pioneering, and was welcoming when David asked to join the class a few days late (after completing a shorter eco merit badge). Matt was patient and very consistent in his instruction. The boys learned a great deal from him, and we are so grateful that Joseph was able to spend quality time at camp with such an outstanding young man, and Life Scout (nearly Eagle).

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