Friday, January 2, 2009

Fish and fruit
Joseph and Peter are enjoying a their Christmas gifts~ spending gift $ on fish for the tank (Peter) and creating flaming fruit hot sauce (Joseph). Joseph wears the gloves as he skins the kiwi, in anticipation of working with the habernero peppers.
The hardest part about the hot sauce making is the waiting... it takes one week to set-up in the bottle (in the fridge). Joseph is counting the days, in anticipation of the moment he can taste his fiery creation.
Oh, there was one other difficult part about making the hot sauce... finding an elusive "cayenne pepper." We drove all over town, even visiting a local Hispanic grocer, only to strike out. No cayenne's to be found. Coming home, we decided to look it up online to see what information might assist our search. From wiki, we learned that there is no such thing as an actual cayenne pepper, but that it refers to any of a variety of red peppers... duh! Could have saved some $ on gas, and some free time if we'd researched BEFORE searching. Oh well, now we know.
The fish tank is doing well. Peter says, "I got a glass catfish. It's awesome, you can see right through it! I got 3 light glow tetras. They're pretty cool, they glow in the light. My oldest fish, a rasbora, I've had since February '08! You have to mix the water to get the new fish used to the tank. "

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