Friday, January 9, 2009

Teaching time
Joseph's friends Boaz and Ezra memorize chords of a Christmas song as Joseph plays on their sister's guitar (brought over for tuning). One minute the boys will be playing and running around like wild (notice the nerf rifles on Ezra's lap?), and the next~ one of them will ask Joseph to play something on the guitar.

They are all interesting in learning to play guitar, and take turns while they are here. The piano also gets played, the drum gets beaten, and occasionally a mandolin or fiddle comes into play.
I hope they learn to play music together someday, combining instruments and voices... but I'm not pushing or even suggesting, except here... where I find this photo too great to pass up, even though it's a few days old!

Tomorrow Zachary has to be on the swim team bus by 4:45AM! He set 3 alarms before going to bed by 8:30 tonight. He'll be gone all day, competing at a huge meet in King County. A highlight will likely involve the fact that his team gets to stop at a Mongolian Grill on their way home! Or that Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff are travelling down to see him compete.

Tim and Joseph were supposed to be at the mountain with the troop, but the trip was cancelled (rescheduled) due to avalanche danger and uncertain road conditions.

So now Peter and I will have the joy of Joseph's company on our venture to Seattle tomorrow. Tim is going to work and try to get caught up.

Hope your weekend is looking bright!

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