Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Creek Jumping
or failing to jump the creek
This afternoon Peter, Joseph and 2 friends decided to go out in the pouring rain to explore along the creek banks. The creek is much more powerful this time of year, and they found that they couldn't follow the trail any further and decided to jump the creek.
Enoch went over with a little splash.
Judah went over with a little splash.
Joseph went over with a little more splash.
Peter went in.
Peter decided rather than just jumping the creek like the others, he would pole vault over the creek.
Warned, but not heeding the warning, he attempted his (first?) pole vault. He was very surprised to land in the water up to his chest. He scrambled out, very cold... and had to jump the creek again to get home. Leaving the pole vaulting idea aside, he attempted another leap and made a big splash, but got to the other side and ran home.
I heard knocking at the door, and when I opened it, this is what Charlie and I found.
Soggy boy, with leaf sticking out of the waistband of his pants.

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