Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Journey to the center of the capitol
In support of the annual March for Life, we filled our van and headed south to Olympia yesterday.
The weather was gorgeous~ the crisp, cold air cooled us as we marched... or rather raced for life. There are few challenges more tempting for young boys (having been trapped in seat belts for 2+ hours, followed by 1+ hour in church) than a sidewalk clogged with slow-moving adults through which to dash and dodge.
I must say, my gang of high-spirited "demonstrators" navigated crowded walkways with ease and courtesy. Once I asked an elderly priest they had just blown past whether or not he had been bumped... was he OK? He smiled, obviously delighted with their energy and enthusiasm and blessed me! Wouldn't you know it would be him that I nearly knocked over a half an hour later as we departed the hot dog line at St. Michael's Church? Funny.
Our trip to the capitol also included a brief tour inside the legislative building. Drinking out of the marble fountain inside was a highlight for the boys.
The drive was awesome~ viewing sunrise colors over Mt. Baker on the way down, and seeing the mountain glow pink at sunset on the way home were a few amazing moments. We also had a blue heron fly over right in front of the van.
Join us in Praying for Life, and Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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