Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today's my day, I'm 41 years old.

It's a good time to say:
  • Thanks to my mom and dad for bringing me into the world and bringing up
  • Thanks to Tim for 17+ years of marriage
  • Thanks to my family and Tim's family and our family for loving me through the decades
  • Thanks to all my friends for their support, friendship and prayers
  • Thanks be to God!
Yesterday I was the guest of honor at a very special party, hosted by Cliff and Billie. They surprised me by inviting our friends Pam & Richard, and Tim (Dr. Dude) from church. We ate a delicious meal of jambalaya & rice, homemade fruity coleslaw... pumpkin dessert w/ whipped cream! I am spoiled.

Today, though, I am going to miss having a lemon meringue pie made by my mom. I think I shall make one myself, in honor of my mother and all her dedication to raising me/us.

For anyone who missed receiving our traditional "quotes of the year", I will post a few here as I come across the various post-it notes and scribbled-on receipts. Either there are fewer and fewer quotable quotes every year, or I have grown slack in recording them...but they are still fun to share.

Here's one from Joseph (said to Peter):
"Even though you're really annoying, you're much better than a little sister."

For the record: My little sister is not annoying! (anymore :) ) Thank for being caller #1 today, Molly!

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