Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Triple Baptism Anniversary Today!

Tim, Zachary and I all share this day as the anniversary of our Christian baptism. For Tim and me, it's been 41 years, and for Zachary, it's been 14 years since being claimed for Christ and reborn through the waters of baptism.

Zac's baptism photos (here) show him on his big day, with Tim and me and with his Godparents (my little brother, Peter, and our dear friend, Aileen).

Zachary was baptized at St. Benedict Catholic Church in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. It was a big celebration, with about 40 guests and a party with sub sandwiches (thanks, Mom) and cake.

Grandpa Cliff video taped the whole thing. (Thanks, Cliff! We should pull it out & watch it again soon!)

We requested Zachary be baptized at a private Saturday morning baptism in the chapel rather than at the Sunday Mass so that he could share our baptism date. For this reason, too, we waited a bit later than we would have otherwise. He was nearly 6 months old! See how sweet he looked in his white tuxedo (again, thanks, Mom!).

Tim, too, was baptized at St. Benedict Catholic Church on this day in 1968. How awesome that father and son share the same day and the same church!

I was baptized in San Francisco, CA, where my dad was in medical school and my mom was a nurse. I believe the church was St. Agnes. My Godparents are my dad's sister, Sue, and my mom's brother, Dan. They couldn't be there on my baptism day, but one of the stand-in's was my great grandmother (and namesake) Bridget Theresa McIntyre. How wonderful that my grandparents and great grandmother travelled to California for my first sacrament!

Do we remember our baptisms? Maybe not the actual day's events, no. But certainly we remember our baptismal call to be priests, prophets and kings for the Lord.

How Tim and I came to really know & remember our shared baptism date is a fun story...

In preparation for our Nuptial Mass (sacrament of matrimony) we had to provide our baptismal certificates to the church in which we were to be wed (St. Patrick's, Tacoma). As we waited to be called in to meet with the priest we compared documents and were stunned to see the exact same baptismal date on our certificates! That's when I (we) knew our marriage was truly God's will. I still get goosebumps thinking about that awesome moment of discovery!

Happy baptism day, Tim and Zac (and me)!

The Catholic Church is merely continuing the tradition established by the first Christians, who heeded the words of Christ: "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God" (Luke 18:16).

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Anonymous said...

Hey...I beg for you to put a new photo of me on your site. Do you need me to send you one?
I love your blog. each of the stories is fantastic. The Lenten letters - beautiful. The scouting photos - inspiring. Joe's bday photos - joyful. Peter's bike spill and derby competition - priceless. Thanks for sharing of yourself and your family. I am grateful for all that you are and do. I'm sure Our Lord is pleased. xoxo, Aileen