Friday, July 13, 2012

Odd Jobs {Working Boys}

Joseph and Judah suit up for work.
Their lucrative fire starters business has been the bread-winning strategy of our working boys for about a decade.  Together they made, marketed and sold hundreds of these little flammable creations over the past 10 summers, as side-kicks to Grandpa Cliff's booth at the Saturday Market in Edmonds.  Grandpa's high end woodworking creations take center stage, and the boys' fire starters, made with the sawdust from his shop are displayed by our young entrepreneurs off to the side.  Quite a worthy little business plan, and one that has financed such purchases as Zachary's CRT contact lenses, many season passes at Mt. Baker, and a mountain bike to name a few.  The profits have been shared with worthy charities throughout the years, as our boys learn to give back and be generous with their income.

Joseph on the job
Unlike our fire starters summers of old, this summer has become the summer of man-power.  The boys have accepted many offers of employment for neighbors, friends, and our businesses to help keep lawns mowed, weeds whacked and plants watered.  Additionally, they have a regular job helping an elderly neighbor with her recycling and garbage chores, one for which they would gladly volunteer and have many times attempted to refuse payment unsuccessfully.  Their physical strength is put to the test in some of these gigs, and others bring the relative ease and freedom of driving a mowing machine.  Their friends, too, have been included in some wage-earning work parties, which only makes the toil more enjoyable.
Judah earning his way
Joseph drives the mower.
Tim trains Peter in the use of the powerful weed destroyer.
Not to say the fire starters business is going under... 
But for the time being, the boys are otherwise engaged in meaningful forms of employment and are continuing to learn how to manage their earnings, which makes for a great summer school course in our home school.

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