Saturday, July 7, 2012

Independent Indeed {+6}

Moon over Bellingham Bay, July 4, 2012

This was the most independent Independence Day of my entire life, with all the family away (excepting maybe the July 4th I spent in Brisbane, Australia, in 1990).  Dear friends from Church invited me to spend the holiday evening aboard their vessel, moored on Bellingham Bay, where I was treated to a delicious dinner, delightful company and amazing views.  What a needed and appreciated break from Charlie's incessant 4th of July berzerk barking. {Spoiler Alert} Though I departed for home before the city's grand fire works display, the lunar lights visible at sundown beat any man-made production hands down. True beauty, something to celebrate!
Catholics Come Home

I met the self proclaimed protégé of Martin Luther at a funeral Mass this week.  A friendly gentleman introduced himself, "I'm just like Martin Luther; I used to be Catholic."   I replied with the same greeting I would extend to Mr. Luther himself, should he wander into our Church for Mass, "Welcome home."

Father Joseph Altenhofen preaches at a funeral Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Only one person passed out during our new priest's first funeral Mass at our Church, and she recovered in no time with a little fresh air and a drink of cold water, plus a lot of TLC from one of our dear nurses and home-bound ministers, Sheila.  Not long after her loss of consciousness, another elderly lady in the congregation asked me for some water.  This is what happens when the temperature creeps into the low 70's here in Washington State, we just can't take the heat.

I don't know how to read our new priest's sign language yet, and this led to another pretty embarrassing-sacristan-moment fine opportunity to grow in humility.  I completely missed Father Joseph's cue when he signaled to me that someone had passed out in the pew.  Somehow I interpreted this to mean that he needed the sanctuary (absurd!).  I can't believe I actually raced around to the sacristy and approached the presider's chair during the responsorial psalm.  By that time, the fainting lady had already been aided by several competent, attentive and timely helpers, and escorted to the narthex to recover.  (When I told the guys this story upon their return from camp, it was almost more than my Joseph could bear to hear, "Stop!" he begged.  It's safe to say he's very glad he missed this fine moment in the life of his impetuous mother.)
Luke on wheels

Although my three boys were away at Boy Scout Camp this week, with Tim as Scoutmaster, I had the pleasure of keeping our weekly Luke & Leia visit on Thursday.  I took the twins for a visit to the Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV headquarters.  Our arrival there wasn't nearly as exciting for the older boys as when my guys (their preferred guests) pile out of the van, but the younger females in the crew joyfully helped Luke & Leia feel right at home.  Someone took the opportunity to compliment me on the fact that Leia's shoes matched, but I couldn't take credit for it, as their mother had brought them all ready to go. 

Someone brought me freshly picked flowers this week!  In a moment of pure sweet-ness, and not-prompted by anyone as far as I know, Luke (almost 2 yrs.) wandered up to me while we were visiting Apollo's place and brought me a little butter cup AND a tiny daisy.  Too cute.  

Paul with the grilled delicacies
Admittedly spoiled by my daily Mass friends while the boys were away this week, I was an invited guest at a dinner party held in a local palace with a view of the world.  A humble hostess, my friend absolutely set the mark for a hostesses' how-to.  Unfortunately, I forgot my notepad, so I'm going to need to go back sometime soon for another training session!

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