Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sharing Views {Independence Day 2012}

The stunning view at BSA Camp Parsons
The view at home

Charlie, Rocky and I are on retreat this week, while Zachary, Joseph, Peter and Tim enjoy BSA summer camp at Camp Parsons on the Olympic Peninsula.  Camp Parsons is known as a true gem in the Scout Camp world, and boasts of having the longest pier of any BSA camp.  My dad camped at Parsons in his Boy Scout years, and will be visiting the guys at camp this week.  Considering how much fun Scout camp with the guys can be, my role as dog sitter almost amounts to a sentence of house arrest.  But I am grateful for the chance to enjoy a bit of quiet time at home (between barks), and may even finish a whole book!

Headlines from summer camp:
  • Troop perilously close to running out of candy (given away as fun awards).
  • Joseph is suffering a very sore throat.
  • Zachary got a good night's sleep.
  • Peter is having the time of his life.
  • Tim's tent is next to some nocturnally boisterous Scouts from Texas.
  • The dining hall is packing campers in like sardines.
Headlines from home:
  • Dogs ecstatic to see Bridget shift in chair, both jump up and start wagging tails hysterically.
  • Charlie barks incessantly and furiously at every exploding firework on Independence Day.
  • Pigeons get food and water daily.
  • All household appliances (except coffee maker and refrigerator) take the week off.
  • A new post up at Discerning Daily (which should probably be renamed Discerning Quarterly).
Looking forward to the boys' return from camp
Happy Independence Day!


Crystal in Lynden said...

aawww, sweet doggie pics. You have such a way with words.

Carolynn said...

I bet your appliances are happy! That sounds like my wildest fantasy!