Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Victorious Scouts {Summer Camp Competitors}

Boy Scouts prepared to compete in the famed Camp Parsons Hullabaloo Relay
Operating on a long-standing troop tradition based on the theory that nothing intimidates the competition like body paint, our Boy Scouts (including 3 from our home) brushed up before the culminating relay and camp-wide games at Camp Parsons.  Their super hero themed team, composed of Captain America, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Batman, the Flash, Ironman, Aquaman, iRun men, and the Annoying Orange took center stage and dominated the event on land and on the sea.
Peter brings home the swimming leg of the Hullabaloo Relay, in first place by a body length.
Captain America takes off with the lead and the baton as the troop's speed walker.
Octopus Cup Champions
All-Bowron Canoe Crew takes the lead
The remaining canoes attempt to set a straight course, well behind our champion paddlers.
The Octopus Cup canoe competition wasn't really even fair, given that all four of our troop's paddlers (including two from our home) had powered the Bowron Lake circuit last summer, an 85 mile loop in the wilds of British Columbia.  Before most of the other teams had figured out how to paddle in a straight line, our guys were completing the loop.  The second place canoe came in about five minutes after ours.  The head lifeguard commented that this crew of ours had the fastest Octopus Cup finish in the seven years he's worked at Camp Parsons.

Scoutmaster Golf
On a much lighter note, but with some serious golfing success by our own Mr. M, the troop's adult leaders competed in the Scoutmaster Golf tournament.  Swinging home-made clubs and wearing knickers, the wiffle balls were launched in many different directions, including a full overhead loop by Tim (see video below).  This, too, takes talent!
Scoutmaster Tim competes with his t3-iron, custom made by Zachary

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