Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All About the Pier {Camp Parsons}

Camp Parsons' pier leap at low tide falls under the maxim "don't try this at home, kids!"  In fact, it probably falls under the "don't try this at Scout Camp, kids!"  For although our troop had special permission to take the leap during free time one afternoon {coinciding with a lower than normal tide}, the activity was quickly brought to a halt after the camp director arrived on the scene and had a quiet discussion with the aquatics director.

Peter and Joseph jump in tandem

Scrubbing the pier as part of the troops' volunteer service to the camp, they endeared themselves to the aquatics director who told them it had been at least seven years since the pier had been scrubbed.  The guys asked for permission to come back during their free troop-time and take the pier leap.  Permission granted, they arrived in full force and those willing to take the leap lined up at the very end of the legendary pier. Tim opted out of the activity and offered to photograph the event from a rowboat, allowing for these great shots looking from water level up to the launch site.

Peter, Zachary and Joseph warm up after a leap or two.

Pier leaps are a big attraction at Camp Parsons, and careful attention to the tides and water levels below the pier ensure that the activity is safe.  All who participate in any aquatics activities at any Scout camp have to pass a thorough swim test and follow strict buddy rules and check-in, check-out procedures. 

The pier alone would provide a great reason to visit Camp Parsons.  It is a one of a kind experience and one worth repeating, which helps to explain why our Scouts vote time and again to go back to Camp Parsons on the salty waters of Puget Sound.

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