Saturday, July 9, 2011

Industrious {Working Boys}

Joseph and Peter manufacture fire starters, an annual summer-time tradition.

The history of our boys' family business, chartered by Zachary many years ago is here.
Peter's on duty today, working the crowds at the Edmonds Saturday Market.  His set goal is $50, but he will likely double that.  This entrepreneurship will help Peter fulfill a new requirement for Boy Scouts 2nd Class Rank:

  • Earn an amount of money agreed upon by you and your parent, then save at least 50 percent of that money.

Ready for packaging, freshly made fire starters

Peter's profits will be divided with Joseph, his co-producer, with the remaining earnings put into his bank account.  Of their own accord, the boys have always been very generous in making donations at Church and to other non-profit organizations.  Over the years, their earnings have helped them purchase new bikes, season's passes for skiing, and gifts for their friends.  

In his years of selling fire starters, Zachary was able to save enough money to go halves with us on very expensive contacts (CRT lenses).  Zac's goal was simple: to get the glasses off his face.  Our goal was to help make sure the real expense of the contacts meant something to him, in the hopes that he would take good care of the lenses and not take them for granted.  Zac still has that same pair of contacts to this day!  Our home school lessons in earning, saving, tithing and spending are well worth all the effort.  Even if the driveway is covered in waxy droppings.

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