Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Week {+Meltdown}

Five days of real winter weather (with snow) and subsequent closures and cancellations made this week an extension of an already monumental break from home schooling.  Other than Joseph's required algebra, and our daily religion (and sacraments), no tangible school work has been accomplished around here for quite some time.  Today the big melt hit, along with a big rain storm which unfortunately followed the guys up the mountain for a Boy Scout lodge stay for skiing and sledding.  Good thing they have good gear and a great love for the outdoors despite the messy conditions. 


Today I drove "Tony" to his daycare for (probably) the last time.  He returns to his former foster family (whom he adores) for another temporary placement while his permanency plan continues to evolve.  We will gladly welcome him back for visits, but our daily foster routine of the past seven months ended with this morning's drive and drop-off.  He had a small tantrum when we arrived, and pulled what we lovingly refer to as "a Tony" when asked to come join the other kids (he curled up in a ball and refused to cooperate or communicate).  A fitting good-bye incident to cap off our time together.  When I walked away, there was a sense of relief, yes, and also sadness.  When I heard the teacher telling him it was OK to come to the 'waving window' I wondered what had inspired him to come out of the fetal position so soon and follow after me.  Turning around, I saw him crying at the gate and went back to ask him if he felt sad "Yes"; and why, "I want my airplane!"  He mistakenly thought his share-toy for today's share-time had been forgotten in the car or perhaps confiscated like last week's share toy (as a consequence for misbehaving in the car after a warning to stop).  We pray his living situation will be finalized soon, in whatever way and with whatever family will best meet his needs and nurture his soul.  We are blessed to have been a small part of his journey.


We forced our boys to attend an annual home school family dance held at Sts. Peter and Paul in Tacoma recently.  You might have thought they were being asked to run barefoot over hot coals (except they would take that challenge and any challenge involving fire much more willingly than an invitation to socialize with strangers and girls).  Predictably, before the end of the evening, our entertainer, Peter, courageously broke the ice and joined the line dance as if it were an athletic event, followed not too much later by a hesitant but rowdy Joseph.   Zachary passed the time texting gaming suggestions to his friends playing DnD back home, and lingered by the snack table all night (on a different floor from the dancing).  We met some delightful people and enjoyed visiting with our dear friends with whom we have much in common and enjoy thoroughly though distanced by the miles. 

"Luke and Leia" visited last weekend, as guests in our home after being returned to their mother's custody in court last week.  Oddly, they refused to drink their milk;  I theorized that their mother must have erased milk from their diet for some reason.  After several attempts to serve it, and startled at "Luke's" slightly violent reaction (hurling the bottle across the room) I tasted a small sip.  ROTTEN! Disgusting, sour milk... no wonder they weren't interested!  The full gallon had only been open a few days and was well within the stated expiration zone.  Poor twins ~ come back for a visit and get poisoned.  We miss them after our six months together, and praise God that their mom has them in her care after going to such great lengths to regain custody.   May they all be well together.

I was saddened by a subtle division in the pro-life camp at the March for Life in Olympia.  Instead of solidly joined forces against evil~ conflict, confusion and disharmony simmered.  It's an ugly business, abortion.  It took witnessing an actual abortion for former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson to reconsider and completely reverse her staunch pro-abortion position.  The graphic images (truth) of abortion are unnerving and detestable; as is the act of abortion itself.  What will stop this insane violence against the unborn (and against families) and heal our culture?  I pray:
Lord, may we grow stronger and become united in our pro-life efforts.  May we bring about positive change and spiritual renewal to our culture through our words, works and prayers in accordance with your holy will.  May there be an end to all abortions and healing for those who have suffered by abortion.
I was not tempted to watch the "Why I hate religion" video that made waves recently.  I saw it 'liked' on FB, but didn't have any interest in looking at it.  This week several links appeared giving apt responses to the heart of that matter:  Why I Love Religion and Love Jesus came to me via my little brother, and a dear blogging friend; and a Father Barron Comments video found at the Thin Veil, both inspired me and reminded me why I LOVE BELONGING TO JESUS' CHURCH!


Zachary's university selection and application process continues to move along; at a much slower pace than his swim races, but faster than his Eagle Project.  Several top choices are in the running, and it's been a delight to read his essay responses to the various prompts on the applications, like this:
It is a somewhat common misconception that one attends college, any college, to be trained for a career; however, I believe that the proper reason to attend college is to seek education—knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. These Gifts which lend themselves specially to the academic life build upon the basis of the other four Gifts of the Holy Ghost—fear of the Lord, piety, fortitude, and counsel ....
My desire to know the truth is deepened through the Gifts of the Holy Ghost that lead us to truth; desire for these Gifts is likewise deepened through the understanding of how they are passed on to us through the living history of the Church.
What will Zachary's future hold? Only God know for sure, but it looks pretty bright to me!  Today I began a Novena asking St. Thomas Aquinas (patron of students) for his prayers for Zachary's discernment.  This nine-day prayer will conclude on the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, which also happens to be the anniversary of Zachary's baptism, my baptism, and my husband's baptism: January 28th.

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