Thursday, January 19, 2012

March for Life {2012}

Archbishop Sartain elevates the Precious Blood of Jesus at the 2012 Mass for Life.

It all begins with God: Each Human Life ~from the instant of conception~ and the annual Washington State March for Life ~in defense of the millions of unborn babies killed by abortion.  A Mass for Life, celebrated by our Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, held in the pavilion at St. Martin's College in Lacey, brought our plea for the cause of life to our Lord.  After the closing prayer, an announcement to the congregation stated that due to the inclement weather, the March for Life had been cancelled.

I had just spoken to Aileen (whose parents pioneered the Washington State March for Life 34 years ago and whose family still organizes the March each year) and she assured me that the March would absolutely not be cancelled for weather.   

Moments later, just after the recessional, a second announcement was made correcting the errant cancellation.  (Nice try whomever gave/initiated the false notice; we were not so easily thrown off track!)

  Tim and Joseph head back to the charter bus following Mass for a short ride to the state capitol.

Second generation banner bearers, Joseph and Peter, stand on the front line at the Washington State March for Life in Olympia.
Joseph, Peter, Maggie, Sally, Ryan and Jack lead the 2012 March for Life in Olympia, WA.

Archbishop Sartain and Bishop Elizondo stand together for Life. 
Bridget and Aileen
Peter, (Aileen's son) Peter, and Joseph together on the capitol steps after the rally.

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Kathleen said...

God bless you for braving the climate!