Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Texting {Unexpected Company}

There is an inherent risk in giving your teenager a cell phone (he might use it). 

First thing this morning, in a moment of extreme excitement over the first snowfall of the season, Joseph sent a text to one of his friends from the swim team.  A series of messages followed, and Joseph casually asked if his friend could come over to go sledding.  Doubting that the friend had parental permission or transportation (from across town) I gave my consent. 

Flash forward a few hours~ Zac found me folding laundry and said, "Mom, there's a lady at the front door.  She wants to talk to you.  She says her kids are here to play in the snow."  Sure enough, there she stood on my porch all bundled up in her snow gear, as sweet as could be, happy to drive her boys over to play on our hill.  She stayed outside and supervised the sledding and snow play. 

Turns out Joseph had texted them driving directions, thoughtfully sending them around the long way to avoid danger on the steep and slippery (sledding) hill.  On that very hill, while the boys sledded with their friends, a FedEx delivery truck and another vehicle each crashed into parked cars.  FedEx slipped backwards into a parked car owned by a UPS driver; other car came down the steep hill and couldn't make the turn, sliding into a parked car.  Seems like a good day to park somewhere else perhaps?

This amazing local unicycle rider commutes on his one-wheel rain, shine or snow.

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