Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Archbishop J. Peter Sartain {Local Shepherd}

Joseph, Tim, Bridget, Zachary, Archbishop Sartain, and Peter
Our family is so blessed to be in the care of such a good and holy archbishop.  A member of the sacred hierarchy established by Christ Himself, our archbishop comes from a long line of exceptional men of God.  A prayerful man, a gentle soul, a truly personable and engaging bishop, our family, our priests and our local diocese is in very capable and caring hands.

Archbishop Sartain traveled to Bellingham to celebrate the sacrament of confirmation for our local teens and adults Sunday at a beautiful evening Mass at the Church of the Assumption.  As a 4th Degree Knight, Tim served in the honor guard and the rest of us joined the congregation, graced with amazing music by our dear and talented friend Angus McDonell with his family and choir.  Archbishop Sartain's powerful message for the youth being confirmed concluded with a strong reminder that "Confirmation is not the same thing as graduation."  So many teens mistakenly believe that their confirmation signals the end of their formal training in the Catholic faith, rather than a powerful beginning with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to empower, embolden and encourage them.  He also reminded them in no uncertain terms that attending Mass on Sunday, EVERY Sunday is their duty and privilege.  

In a characteristically powerful homily (sermon), Archbishop Sartain reminded us all to heed the voice of Jesus. "The time of fulfillment is NOW.  Be filled with the Holy Spirit," he added, "be a living Christ - in every now.  Think of what God can do for you when you put these gifts to work.... we need you to put these gifts to work... Be sent forth as disciples and prophets.  NOW is the time of fulfillment."

We can expect good things from our newly confirmed, who were sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and from every one of us present and inspired by our dear Archbishop Sartain. 

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