Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fostering Moments {Placement Changes}

Tim cares for the twins outside the courtroom, after the judge ordered them out.  

Waiting in the courtroom for over 90 minutes, the twins' case number was finally called.  Within the first moments of the proceedings, the judge asked that the twins please be removed to the hallway so that he could actually hear the case.  Tim kindly volunteered to be on duty, thereby missing the hearing he had waited so patiently to witness.  As it turns out, those were his final moments as the foster dad for these two beautiful toddlers.   After all sides were heard, the judge ruled (fairly and rightly by our estimation, though not in agreement with the state) that the twins be placed in their mother's care effective immediately.  Bittersweet, but satisfying results wrapping up our six month ordeal as the foster family for "Luke and Leia".  Our relationship won't end immediately, though.  Their mom needs childcare in order to attend to family business in Canada, so on occasional weekends we will have our hands full of twins again.

Someone's been playing with his dad's clippers!

In moments of lukewarm supervision while visiting his dad's new 'safe' home, "Tony" has entertained himself with hobbies like hiding thumbtacks in the carpet, giving himself a reverse mohawk, and getting locked out on the back deck.  Turns out dad shuts off the breaker to the stove during "Tony's" stays... indicating that perhaps he's taken a fascination with unsupervised cooking escapades as well.

Moving the planned father-son reunification along, but slowing the pace to a crawl, the state decided to return "Tony" to his original foster home (which will be a dream come true for "Tony").  The reverse placement will take place in a little over a week, so our foster kids' room (once known as Zac's room) will be vacant by the Feast of St. Agnes. 

Peter corrects the clipper mishap with a clean sweep.


Gwyneth said...

Prayers are with you all i know you will be lonely with out your house full of Angels. We miss you all

Crystal in Lynden said...

Sad and happy for you all at the same time.

Kathleen said...

God bless you for your extended arms so full of love for the children:)