Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chainsaw Action {Eagle Project Update}

Sawdust at Zachary's Eagle Project Site: a good sign!

With permit in hand, and a serious desire to get this job done, Zachary and Tim met Chuck, Judah and Enoch at the project site recently to remove the offending branches of the hedge bordering the carport-to-be.   Chuck masterfully carved the hedge in the necessary way, with blazing speed.  He also hauled the excess debris away to compost on the Bakers Dozen property. 

Mr. B takes no time whisking off the offending branches to make room for the carport structure.

Zachary and Judah haul off the debris.

Once a slightly overgrown hedge~now firewood for the rectory.

Zachary's Eagle Project Saga may eventually come to a pleasant conclusion after all.  The steel has been ordered, and another work party of qualified adult builders will soon gather to assemble the frame. 
Perhaps this will be the winter in which our priests' cars are protected from the elements?
Stay tuned...

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