Friday, February 25, 2011

Hope {Flashback Friday}

Yesterday we celebrated our Goddaughter Hope Bridget Marie's second birthday.
Seems like only yesterday she was a newborn in Peter's arms...
Peter holds our newborn Goddaughter, Hope, with big sister Hannah.

Peter holds Hope (4 mos).

Hope's 2nd birthday~ a snow day!

Hope enjoys the trills of sledding with her daddy.

What a blessing for Tim and me to have been chosen two years ago as Hope's Godparents.  Hope is a delightful, exuberant, beautiful child, full of spunk and totally, sincerely sweet; offering hugs and kisses and squealing with joy when she sees Tim, anticipating his playful interaction.

We met her parents, Tim and Nicole, and Hope's older sister, Hannah, on their first visit to our church when they had just moved to town.  They relate a funnier side of this story, maybe Nicole can add-on to the story of our meeting.

When I saw them with a realtor on the front porch of a neighborhood house a few months later, I excitedly asked if they were going to be our neighbors.  They moved into our neighborhood and into our hearts in a very special way.  We have grown so close over these years, forming bonds of family and faith; sharing birthdays, baptisms, board games, barbeque's, home-births, and prayer time.   They are the consummate hosts, always ready to open their home; welcoming us and many others for fellowship and fantastic (healthy) meals.

With heavy hearts we report that they are moving in a few weeks to be back home in sunny Southern California with family.  They will live in a four generation household, helping to care for Nicole's aging grandma and living in community with the girls' grandparents.  We are happy for them, though it will be very difficult to see them go.  They are faithful Catholics, inspiring in their Christian lifestyle, devotion to prayer, and intentional parenting.  Though we won't see Hope as often (understatement) she and her family will remain in our daily prayers and we will be united spiritually through our regular celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Yesterday we celebrated Hope's 2nd birthday. Sledding, attending daily Mass, and eating a healthy carrot cake were highlights of Hope's big day.  We wish her a grace-filled year, and praise God for the gift of Hope in our lives!

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