Friday, February 18, 2011

Peter Arrives {Flashback Friday}

My final "before" photo on Peter's birth day: January 11, 2000

Tim holds brand new baby Peter Timothy, as Joseph and Zachary meet him for the first time.

The joy!
Another boy!

The day before Peter's birth (a scheduled c-section) Tim insisted that we at least come up with a boy's name just in case... and it's obviously a good thing we did!  We weren't hoping for a girl, we just figured the chance of us having another boy was fairly slim.  Wrong-o!


Crystal in Lynden said...

I love reading your stories about being a mom of 3 boys. When I look at this picture it reminds me of bringing our 3rd home. I think my older two were the same age as yours. Then when I read your current posts it makes me think of the things to come and how life will be in 5 years. It will all go by so fast and they will get big so fast and your blog helps me see that and remember that and cherrish these moments. Many thanks!

Christopher Paul said...

you can tell Zac sees him as trouble...