Thursday, February 3, 2011

OOPS {Buzz Cut Gone Wild}

 Did I ever mention that I'm the barber in our house?

In almost 20 years of cutting (buzzing) hair in my house, I've never forgotten to put a guard on the clipper... until yesterday.  Poor Peter.

True, I was rushed...
True, there was a bit of sass coming from down the hall...

I was totally shocked to see the skin after the first pass with the clipper right along the crown of his head.
It was too late for any creative, corrective measures... the damage was done.
All that could be done was to complete the look.

Oh well, it will grow back!

Fine print:
Joseph has indefinitely postponed his haircut.


Nick & Rebecca said...

Ahh Peter. The haircut is the last thing I notice when I see this picture. Those incredible, soulful eyes and a sweet boy is all that I notice. Nice job mom-remind me NOT to send Benjamen to the Adams household for I'm sure it will be grown out within the month :)

Renee B. said...

Peter looked great in Mass this morning. And not every man can pull off the "short hair" look like you can. You have to have a nicely shaped head, and yours is perfect. And Joseph, wipe that girn off your face. Next time your mom might give the shears to ME for your trim. Heh-heh.

Kathleen said...

Great for swim team...should drop 2 seconds off his times.