Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scout Sunday {& Baptism Anniversary}

11 years ago today, Peter was born again in the waters of baptism and set free from original sin!
Father Jay baptizes Peter at Sacred Heart, February 20, 2000.

Newly baptized Peter, held by Zachary (5) and Joseph (1)

Peter and Jonah~ sporting their new Parvuli Dei medals

Father Qui Thac with Peter, on the 11th anniversary of Peter's baptism at Sacred Heart

Today Peter received his Parvuli Dei award, as did his good friend and Webelos den mate, Jonah.

Parvuli Dei was not an easy program for Peter to complete, primarily due to the volume of writing required.
From start to finish, it took him about a year and a half; he persevered and completed the work.
The medal was awarded today, and he will receive the religious knot at his very last Cub Scout pack meeting tomorrow.

Then he's off to Boy Scouts... and work on Tenderfoot Rank will begin in earnest!


The Gaunts said...

how sweet. Now our little girl Genevieve shares a Baptism day with Peter! She was baptized this afternoon. congrats to Peter!

Nick & Rebecca said...

A wonderful ceremony-the boys seemed so very proud today after mass. Thank you for sharing your family moments with us!