Monday, February 21, 2011

Pig Roast {70th Birthday Party}

Grandpa Cliff's 70th birthday was celebrated in fine style with a 200 lb. pig roast.
Surgeon Uncle Craig, together with Tim, carved the massive pile of pork for the celebration.
Cliff's younger brother, Uncle Wayne, came out from Chicago for the party. 
Carving the pig took over an hour, and there was so much meat that the guests were sent home with doggy bags.

Grandma Patty and Great Grandma O'Donnell were able to join the festivities, too.

The party lasted all day Saturday, and the hanging out with visiting family lasted 3 days.
70 years and going strong...
Happy Birthday, Grandpa Cliff!

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Catherine Grace said...

Best part of a pig roast: the cheek! It's crispy on the outside, but REALLY juicy and fatty on the inside. At least, that's what I heard :D