Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's Trash {Keepsakes}

Some of the photo cards we received last year from family and friends with greetings for Christmas.

Cleaning piles of accumulated paper is never a very fun job.
One of my least favorite jobs, to tell the truth.

In my parents' house, we had an extra bedroom which became the landing zone for piles of paper (and all kinds of other odds & ends) that needed sorting, filing and/or discarding.
It was pretty handy, right off the kitchen, and made the mess easy to conceal when company came to call.
We had a beautiful house, don't get me wrong... the kind of house we could only dream of owning.
But there was that one room...clutter central.  Come to think of it, I guess my bedroom was easily as messy at that room!  And there was always the garage... but I digress.

I admit my weakness with controlling clutter, isn't that the first step toward recovery?
Today I tossed a pile of 2009 Christmas cards!  It wasn't easy, as they have an emotional or sentimental appeal.  But I like the idea of a clean desk (yes, they were on my desk) better than the idea of an old Christmas card collection.

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Buhler family said...

Oh Bridget, I just looked at my box full of Christmas cards from the last SEVEN years. It was fun to look at all our friends and how we have changed in such short period of time. Now where to I keep this box? In a corner of our bedroom along with another bunch of boxes, and yes, that cluttered corner anoys me often. Unlike you, I was not brave enough to toss them, I'm waiting for Shawn to build me a closet instead!!